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Car Air Fresheners

Featuring fun designs and refreshing scents, our cute air fresheners are the perfect way to keep your car smelling great while expressing your unique style.


Our carefully curated selection of nontoxic ethereal perfumes ensures that you can envelop yourself in luxury without compromising on your well-being.


Embrace the art of self-expression as you adorn yourself with garments and accessories that resonate with your personality, creating a style that is distinctly yours.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I would recommend this company to anyone looking to treat themselves or anyone looking for gifts for their loved ones. The customer service is SUPERB and the shipping was quick. I absolutely adored their packaging and attention to EVERY detail.
— Myra H.

One for One


For every purchase you make, we'll plant a mangrove tree, helping to restore and preserve our precious coastal ecosystems.

Mangrove trees are like nature's superheroes, safeguarding our environment in multiple ways. These trees act as protective barriers against storms and erosion, providing a shield for coastal communities. They also serve as nurseries for various marine species, supporting local fishing industries and biodiversity.


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How We've Been Keepin' It Lit Since Day One


At West Clay, we take pride in being a woman-founded and operated haven for all things delightful – from makers, artists, and indie designers around the globe. But that's not all – we also take the art of candle-making seriously. It's a diverse blend of treasures, ensuring there's a little something for everyone in our dreamy Sarasota, FL boutique.

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