Air Freshener Care & How-to Guide

Discover these tips to maximize the potential of your air freshener and breathe in the ultimate freshness! Keep reading to learn more.

Instructions for Using Your Car Air Freshener

Step 1

To use, twist off the wooden bottle lid and remove the stopper. We recommend using scissors to remove the stopper.

Then, tighten the wooden lid back on.

Step 2

Head out to your car and hang around your rearview mirror or in any other small space.

Don’t leave bottle lying on a surface - hang at all times or leakage can occur.

Step 3

Tip bottle upside down for 1-2 seconds to release the fragrance, taking care not to spill the oil. Do not over saturate!

Tip to refresh a few times a week and enjoy!

✨ Hot Tip ✨

Use scissors to remove the stopper from the glass bottle upon first use!

Do's and Don'ts

When Using Your Car Air Freshener

Maximizing Your Air Freshener

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